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Project and Construction Management

From Start to Finish Sports Turf Company is There

Sports Turf Company is a licensed general contractor in five states: GA/TN/AL/MS/LA. When we serve as a subcontractor we are able to engage with other general contractors and construction managers in conversation about the whole perspective of a project, how the project will be affected by the season of construction, staging and our timing onsite compared to other contractors.

Sports Turf Company insures that our four certified field builders and two certified track builders will both advise the construction process and visit project sights daily and weekly to ensure that projects are being constructed properly and on schedule. The certification process is an independent program of American Sports Builders Association that raises professional standards and improves the practice of field construction. Staff who are certified through this program have demonstrated a high level of expertise in either field or track construction.

Sports Turf Company is equipped with a certified PMP project management professional. A certified PMP is someone who has met all the criteria to be able to properly manage and run a project. Over the years we have found that even where we are simply a subcontractor, because the athletic field, tennis court or track is often the focal point of the overall project, the athletic field construction company driving a schedule for a job from a staging standpoint. Every project, no matter how good the planning, is going to run into challenges and Certified Project Managers have experience creating contingency plans, minimizing disruptions to schedule and mitigating unanticipated costs. They are the best trained to set up project activities for efficient execution and oversee projects from start to finish.