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Natural Turf Fields

sewell-thomas-baseball-stadium-university-of-alabama-naturalAre you looking at sports field construction or sports field renovation? Every sports facility is different and a good design should be customized to fit your specific wants and needs. Sports Turf Company is a sports field construction company that designs and builds natural grass facilities by first getting to know you, how you will use the facility, what type of surface, amount of traffic, budget, how the land lays, rainfall, etc.

Contrary to what most landscapers would have you believe, building an athletic grass field that is easy to maintain, limits the impact of weather and provides an exceptional playing surface requires a specialist. Sports Turf Company has Certified Field Builders on staff as recognized by the American Sports Builder’s Association (ASBA).

Sports Turf Company’s specialists design and self-perform construction of the finest grass fields in the industry including: kennesawststadium-natural2

  • Demolition of Existing Fields
  • Laser Grading
  • Design & Install of Irrigation Systems
  • Design, Laser Grading and Construction of Surface Draining Fields
  • Design, Laser Grading and Construction of Sand Rootzone Fields
  • Design, Laser Grading and Construction of Blended Sand Rootzone Fields with Gravel Blankets and Full Underdrain Systems.

Solutions for entry level grass fields have a sand root zone or sand cap. Professional and ole-misscollegiate athletic fields are constructed with blended root zone. There are a variety of drainage solutions specific to natural grass fields which a Sports Turf Company specialist will custom design to meet your field’s needs.

Irrigation systems are evolving. The irrigation systems we utilize today are able to pull down information and modify the operation to utilize water in an efficient manner so we do not over water and waste water on our athletic fields.

Be sure to check out our work replacing the synthetic field at Ole Miss with a brand new natural grass field. Ask us how we can help with your baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse and mixed use fields. Whether it is a school system wide replacement, a new construction project, a municipal athletic complex, a professional sports franchise or a small church project, we take pride in athletes playing on the very best surfaces.