Track & Football Field • Metter, GA

High School Stadium

Date: 08/2019
Square Footage: 97,709

Sports Turf Company was selected in 2019 to renovate Metter High School’s stadium in Metter, GA. The full scope of the project included the renovation of both the track and field prior to the football season in 2019.

Sports Turf renovated Metter High School’s existing natural grass field to an AstroTurf RootZone 3D3 turf system. This artificial turf system provides a safer, more durable surface that looks great and lasts longer, which allows for a better overall cost of ownership for the school. The new field now supports multiple sports, the marching band and even classroom teachers to utilize the space throughout the year and in all weather conditions.

The renovation to the track included removing the existing running track surface and installing a new surface. The Spurtan BSS synthetic track surface installed can endure higher wear and traffic along with providing enhanced force reduction for athletes. 

In 2020, Metter High School’s stadium renovation received first place honors in the AGC Build Georgia Awards.