Field & Track • Columbus, GA

Brookstone School’s Mack Strong Stadium

Date:  09/2022
Square Footage: 143,202SF
In 2022, Sports Turf Company completed Brookstone School’s Mack Strong Stadium renovation. The scope of the project included renovating the existing natural grass field to a premier natural grass field and constructing a new 8-lane Rekortan BS running track and events around the perimeter.
The field features an eight-inch USGA sand rootzone over a gravel blanket with lateral drain lines. The TifTuf Bermudagrass was installed to increase the durability of the stadium’s playing surface and to help with maintenance due to to this variety’s lower need for water and fertilizer to provide a high-quality field. This elite natural grass field can receive a large amount of rain and traffic while remaining playable all season.
In addition, Sports Turf constructed a new 8-lane running track and events around the perimeter of the stadium field. The Rekortan BS track surfacing is a World Athletics certified, 13mm, permeable basemat structural spray polyurethane track system focused on consistent footing and force reduction for athletes.