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Field Drainage Solutions

On drainage Solutions pageField drainage is one of the most important considerations when designing, constructing and managing sports fields and tracks. Sports Turf Company’s certified field builders contemplate use of the facility, rainfall and budget when considering various drainage solutions.

The most common cause of field closures and damage to fields is poor field drainage. Often times our first step in evaluating a new project, after speaking with an owner or architect, is to “shoot the grades” using a laser level to create a profile of the field in question. This provides a clear picture of exactly how the present grade affects drainage and what steps will be taken to make it perform properly.

Natural Grass Fields

As far as natural grass, we agree with Sports Turf Managers Association that a well-drained surface improves safety and playability, allows turfgrass plants to access nutrients and improves turfgrass recovery.

Drainage Solutions for Natural Grass Fields Include:

New Construction—Sports Turf Company is an expert at design and construction of both complex full blown Underdrain Systems with gravel blankets and simple Surface Drainage Designs.

Refurbishment and New Construction—Sports Turf Company has perfected Sand Slit Drainage systems which can be retrofitted for an existing field with good planarity and grade, but poor drainage because of the soils beneath. Sand Slit Systems can be a more affordable alternative to solve drainage issues in lieu of completely rebuilding a field.

Synthetic Fields & Tracks

Sports Turf Company pioneered many of the techniques used to build synthetic fields. Our certified field builders are meticulous about setting the grade, laser grading to perfect the subgrade, installing panel drains with a porous stone drainage layer and concrete curbs with channel and slot drains between fields and tracks. Our field bases are among the best in the industry. They are firm and can drain as much water as mother nature can throw their way. Synthetic turf lays better across the surface of our bases and infill migrates less over time due to their ability to handle a high volume of rainfall.