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Field, Court and Track Restoration & Construction

Improving Your Current Assets

Sports Turf Company is the solution to your fixer upper. There comes a time in the life of all facilities as they age when they need a fresh breath of air to breath life back into them. Technology changes at a staggering pace. The technology of the synthetic surface we use today, for example, is drastically different than that utilized 5 years ago. Sports Turf Company is here to help owners introduce this new technology and to make older facilities new again.

At Sports Turf Company we are a one-stop-shop. If you have a facility that needs a renovation or you are constructing a brand new complex, we are here to assist with the entire process. We conduct a personal site visit and define what that facility needs and ways to improve that facility based on a host of factors such as how it to be used,  product selection and budget. The way a facility was designed and constructed twenty years ago may not benefit a facility’s current needs.  Sports Turf Company identifies safety issues, improvements to traffic flow, drainage improvements, and improvements to the use of the field involving the playability of the surface itself.

Sports Turf Company self-performs nearly every aspect of construction for your tracks, tennis courts or athletic fields. There are very few companies which can meet with an owner or architect and discuss in detail ALL of the options available to them. When you hire Sports Turf Company, one company with a vast set of qualifications and history of constructing the very best athletic facilities in the southeast U.S., is accountable for the entire scope of athletic construction.

There is a reason we say “No matter the sport surface, Sports Turf Company has you covered.”