One of the highest qualified athletic construction companies in the southeast


Sports Turf Company, has developed the processes, capabilities and equipment over 30 years to self-perform most athletic field, track and court work. That means Sports Turf Company has more control over costs, schedules and finished high standards. We are not dependent on going out to the open market for pricing of specific scopes, only to find that we are over budget for the overall project. We know exactly what each scope should cost because we typically perform those tasks ourselves and routinely compete with other companies for athletic projects. 


Design, Planning, Specifications 

Construction Management & Administration 

Clearing and Mass Grading

Erosion Control Installation & NPDES Monitoring

GPS & Laser Controlled Grading, Fine Grading, Layout and Control Points 

Drain System Installation 

Placement and Compaction of Gravel & Administration 

Natural & Synthetic Field Construction 


Sports Turf Company performs as much work as possible with its own forces. This allows Sports Turf Company to control cost, schedule and overall quality of the product for our clients. 
Our in-house design capabilities as well as the expertise and equipment that our company possesses allows us to provide our clients an exorbitant amount of project potential. Whether it’s assisting a design firm with the project development or teaming with an engineer to assist in acquiring erosion control permits. Sports Turf Company has the management, construction administration, clearing & mass grading, erosion control installation & NPDES monitoring, storm drainage, GPS & Laser controlled grading, fine grading, layout and control points, drain system installation, concrete curbs & flatwork, placement ad compaction of gravel base, installation of field amenities, natural & synthetic field construction, bleacher installation, field lighting, & scoreboard installation. 


Sports Turf Company understands construction projects face many challenges: 
Environmental Impact Requirements
To combat these challenges throughout our 400+ athletic facility contructions our design/build team has utilized these techniques to deliver successful projects. 
  • Early-stage project definition: Design-Build project delivery. 
  • Develop innovative solutions 
  • Reducing project construction costs 
  • Decreasing operation and maintenance costs 
  • Simplifying procedures 
  • Reducing waste 
  • Increasing procurement efficiency and cost though owner purchase 
  • Using resources more effectively 


 Sports Turf Company currently has three Certified Field Builders and two Certified Track Builders, as recognized by The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), making it one of the highest qualified athletics construction companies in the southeast. 

The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) is a national organization of 400 companies recognized as a centralized source of technical information about natural and synthetic fields, running tracks and tennis courts. ASBA works to raise professional standards and to ensure owners receive the highest quality services through a Professional Certification Program, Education Initiatives, Construction Guidelines Publications, and Awards. 
By having passed a rigorous comprehensive exam on construction, maintenance and design, our Certified Field Builders and Certified Track Builders have demonstrated the highest level of expertise. Certified Builders must be well-versed in project planning, project administration, site work, sub-grade, base work, and maintenance. They must have at least three years of experience and at least twenty projects built, before even taking a three-hour comprehensive exam. 
Our Certified Builders can help develop a realistic budget, layout, and then build your facility to meet or exceed national best practices. They are best positioned to solve problems as they arise during construction, and adhere to Certified Builder Standards of Conduct. They can walk your facility and provide expertise and solutions for drainage, pre-mature wearing, and facility design. 


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