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Design, Planning and Specification

Fields of Dreams Start with a Vision

Sports Turf Company is a design-build athletic construction company, specializing in all different types of sport surfaces, that can take a project from an idea and work it all the way through completion. We also work with specifiers and architects to help design projects that maximize use of facilities, available space and budgets. We review plans, evaluate and advise on plans based on usage, assist in design development and propose the specifications that will lead to your dream facility.

Specifications and why they are important

Often we are asked, what’s the importance of specifications when it comes to a sports field contractor.

Athletic field, track and tennis court construction is a very specialized trade and there are specifications that are unique to those companies which engage in the work of building athletic facilities. Owners want to make sure the company they choose has persons on staff with the specific experience to do that work well. Specifications vary depending on the project, but include natural grass fields with underdrain systems, blended root zone systems, artificial field construction, drainage improvements to natural grass fields in the form of sand slit drainage systems and development of running track construction projects.

For example, in the case of running track construction, the sports surfacing contractor and construction contractor should be the same contractor, not two separate entities, to ensure accountability and a consistently good performing track that will last over time. Another important component to include in specifications is the American Sports Builders Association’s certified builder program. Sports Turf Company’s four certified field builders and two certified track builders and certified project managers are required to be involved from start to finish of a project and not just on the periphery. They are among the most qualified in the industry to assist owners and architects with project specifications.