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Sports Turf Company applies the same level of precision to a tennis court as an athletic field or track. In the design phase we pay close attention to the layout, amenities, flow of traffic, spectator areas and how they interact with participants in matches.

Our ability to maintain grades on a very large scale means we have an attention to detail, rarely found in construction of a tennis court.

Tennis courts today utilize acrylic coatings which are better for the environment and longer lasting than those a decade ago. More advanced systems create force reduction so athletes have the same footing, but are able to recover their muscles quicker to return to the court.  Sports Turf Company utilizes advanced systems for crack repair and remediation of existing tennis courts

More recently, Pickle Ball has gained popularity and Sports Turf Company’s expertise in constructing tennis courts is a natural carry over to design and construction of Pickle Ball courts.

We serve school systems, municipalities as well as private owners of courts with premium tennis court surfaces.

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