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Carrollton High School Builds State-of-the-Art Sports Facility

Carrollton City School System has seen significant growth through the years. In 1969, the school had 116 graduates. By 2021, the school will graduate more than 400 students. Accordingly, Carrollton has invested in its infrastructure to ensure the best facilities for students including a new middle school, band building, performing arts center, elementary school wing, football stadium and high school.

Sports Turf Company played a role in the latest addition to Carrollton City School’s campus: the Pope-McGinnis Student Activity Center, an indoor multi-activity facility housing a full size artificial turf field, basketball courts and weight room.

Sports Turf built the 120-yard artificial turf field with AstroTurf’s RootZone 3D turf system.

The AstroTurf 3D Series is a performance system utilizing a “thatch” layer of fibers to encapsulate the rubber infill and keep it from migrating, reducing “rubber spray.” This is particularly important for indoor facilities with much lower humidity than outdoor fields, leading to looser footing in traditional non-rootzone turf systems. Overall, the field will be safer, more durable and provide better playing conditions for Carrollton athletes.

“Carrollton City Schools has always demonstrated a great commitment to providing the best facilities to benefit their students and athletes,” said Todd Wiggins, President of Sports Turf Company. “As a local Carroll County based company, we are excited to continue our longstanding relationship and to play our part in building one of the best indoor sports and multi-activity facilities in the state.”

“The new surface installed by Sports Turf Company provides Carrollton High School’s students the absolute best of the best,” said Carrollton High School Athletic Director Paul Fitz-Simons. “We’re excited that this new facility can be used for multiple sports, band and physical education classes regardless of the weather conditions.”

Sports Turf Company has been a specialty athletics construction company for nearly 30 years. Sports Turf constructs the finest natural grass and artificial turf fields, tracks and tennis courts. The company has three Certified Field Builders and two Certified Track Builders, as recognized by The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), making it one of the highest qualified athletics construction companies in the southeast.