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Latex Tracks

Track design is complicated. Sports Turf Company has certified track builders as recognized by the American Sports Builder’s Association (ASBA). We can design and build track and field elements to fit around your football and/or soccer field, that ensure good flow from event to event and comply with high school and collegiate standards.

Often good track design takes into account concrete curbs, channel drains, proper grades, a high jump pad, pole vault runway and pad and long jump/triple jump runway and pits with takeoff boards.

From an architects and engineer’s standpoint, we are a source for information on budgets, specifications, construction, installation and products in the construction of Tracks.

Latex tracks are a rubber track surface held together by a latex adhesive. Latex tracks are the starting point in track surfacing options due to their economic value and durability. It is the most economical choice and a viable option in the southeast where our climate is agreeable to this type of system. We recommend 13 mm systems because they have a better life span compared to the 10 mm system. Latex Track picture on tracks pageYour latex track can be any color of your choosing with the color provided primarily from EPDM rubber.

Choosing a reliable contractor is incredibly important when building your track. Latex materials are easily obtainable making it easier for contractors with little experience to market their services. Always ensure your contractor is self-performing the construction of the track and track surface in-house.

Can Sports Turf Company’s certified track builders help you explore a new latex track? Call our latex track specialists today to arrange a site visit and discuss which option is best for your athletes.