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At Sports Turf Company we recognize how important an architect’s/engineer’s role is to the success of a project. Often an owner’s vision is refined by the design professional. The outcome depends on the design, specifications and working relationship between General Contractors, Subcontractors and Architects in making the owner’s vision a reality. The team at Sports Turf Company has had the opportunity to consult with many respected professionals on athletic construction projects across the Southeast. Our goal is to construct fields, tracks and courts that go beyond meeting the needs of our customers, to achieve the highest performance by athletes while maintaining an emphasis on safety. It is our belief that an open dialogue with designers during the planning and design phase and throughout the project can lower project costs, shorten design time and reduce the need for change orders.

Providing specifications based on best practices for over 25 years of athletic facility construction experience is just one way Sports Turf Company can be a resource to architects and engineers. The right specifications ensure only the best qualified sports field and track contractors can be selected. Good specifications reduce lifetime ownership and maintenance cost while increasing safety. They can be vital in selecting partners which will provide dedicated and prompt service following the completion of your project.

Ask Sports Turf Company’s athletic facility construction experts about specifications for:

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  • Track Construction Contractor Prequalification
  • Sports Facility Contractor Prequalification
  • Sportsfield Construction Specification
  • Sportsfield Construction with Underdrain System Specification
  • Sportsfield Construction with Sand Slit Drainage System Specification
  • Sand Slit Design System Specification
  • Sports Track Latex Track Surfacing Specifications
  • Spurtan Polyurethane Basemat Track Surfacing Specifications
  • Rekortan Polyurethane Full Pour Track Surfacing Specifications